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The main development direction of safety technology
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With the development of detection and monitoring, safety and risk avoidance, safety protection, disaster prevention and control, emergency rescue and other technologies and products as the main direction, vigorously develop and popularize advanced, efficient, reliable and practical special technologies and products, promote the universalization, standardization and serialization of similar products, and promote service mode innovation.

Safety technology and products

1. Advanced safety materials. Focus on the development of advanced fire retardant materials, high (low) temperature resistant, pressure resistant, corrosion resistant materials, anti-static, anti-radiation materials, can effectively reduce the occupational health hazards of special materials.

2. Individual protective products. Focus on the development of advanced, safe, practical, reliable, user-friendly design with high (low) temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, poison, dust, fire, radiation and other functions of individual protection products.

3. Supervision and supervision of law enforcement equipment. Focusing on improving the administrative efficiency of supervision and supervision according to law, and enhancing the ability of law enforcement personnel to control accidents, disasters and occupational hazards, we will focus on the development of efficient, scientific, portable and direct-reading equipment such as supervision and detection, on-site law enforcement, investigation and evidence collection and analysis.

Safety sensing products. For hazardous nuclear radioactive substances, hazardous chemicals, biochemical and other poisonous and harmful, flammable and explosive substances and super WenChao speeding and other kinds of dangerous and harmful factors, key development monitoring, detection, detection, inspection, alarm devices and instruments, as well as against fire, earthquake geological disasters, such as transmission poisoning emergency monitoring detection detection alarm equipment.

5. Special safety products or components. Focus on the development of advanced transportation equipment anti-collision system, speed limit devices, airbags and other safety features; Safety component and safety interlock device which can separate the operator from dangerous parts in all kinds of machine tools; Special safety products or components such as explosion-proof electric appliances and pressure relief valves for high pressure vessels in high-risk places.

6. Essential safety technology and equipment. Focus on the development of automation, high level of information technology, can reduce the field operation personnel, reduce the online inventory of dangerous goods, reduce the risk factors, to achieve remote control operation in high-risk places essential safety technology and equipment (products).

7. Security monitoring management information system. We will promote informationization and focus on the application of technologies such as the Internet of things. We will develop safety monitoring, monitoring and management systems for mines, oil and gas fields, tailings ponds, the production, storage and transportation of dangerous goods, and fire control, transportation, special equipment and facilities, natural disasters, and public health emergencies.

8. Emergency rescue equipment. Focus on the development of various places of safety escape, risk avoidance system, emergency command, communication, emergency power supply and other equipment and mobile platform; Fire fighting and rescue equipment for high-rise and large-volume underground buildings, transportation hubs, crowded places, inflammable and explosive places, etc.; Mobile emergency rescue equipment and mobile emergency medical rescue platform in air, water, land and underground; Emergency disposal equipment for dangerous goods leakage, radioactive pollution and poisoning infection; Safe and convenient medical rescue, emergency water purification and other equipment; Personnel in distress life detection and search and positioning, disaster site large demolition, rescue personnel special protective equipment and equipment and other rescue equipment

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